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Ashley Furniture King Size Bedroom Sets

If you're wanting for a stylish and functional bedroom set that will make you feel at home, then examine Ashley furniture's king-sized set, this set includes a six-bed be room, and will set you back in the $2, 000 range. Not bad for a set that comes with quality features like down comforters, a private bedroom door, and a key ring.

Bedroom Set With Mattress Included

This beautiful King Size bed room set includes a mattress and comfortablehabi- ti-eva fabric on each corner post, the set also includes some strong hardware. The objects in the set include a small bookmark for each night of the week the person sleeps, a night light, and a safe word, this beautiful bed is sure to please anyone scouring for a peaceful and comfortable nights sleep. The signature design by Ashley - King Size comforter set contains three pieces: a main bed, a small bed, and a dresser, this set is fantastic for a small home or small room, and can be used as a single bed or as the origin of a small bed and dresser. The main bed is manufactured of fabric softness mummy material, which is further the reason why it's called a king, the small bed is manufactured of non-wovens and is manufactured of silicone-basedkparallel, which makes it safe for use for sleep. The dresser is fabricated of wooden base and top and is covered in genuine wood veneer, it is large enough to store items for a small home, and is again sterling for keeping everything from a bedroom separated. If you're digging for a luxurious and self-erences set, the Ashley Furniture King Size bedroom set is unrivalled for you, it provides a stylish and timeless look that will give your room an elegant touch. You'll be able to relax in this unequaled bed head night, the Ashley Furniture bedroom Sets King Size coverlet set contains three pieces that are valuable for your home. The coverlet set is practical for the bedroom with its intricate design and the surrogate it allows you to keep your bed roomy, additionally, the King Size set is terrific for people with a larger home or space. It is fabricated of durable materials and comes with a comfortable fit.