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Singer Bedroom Set

This rare vintage singer dollhouse bedding set is perfect for your next bedroom! With its unique model of 8 piece bedding set, this set will add a touch of elegance to any home.

Top 10 Singer Bedroom Set

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Singer Bedroom Set Ebay

This is a rare singer bedroom set. It is a 5 piece bed room set that was used for a short period of time in the 70s. The set contains the following: the bed, the bedding, the dresser, the television and sound system, and the like. This set is from a broken down condition and is a few used one. For sale is a local pick up only. this singer bedroom set is a rare opportunity to own one of the cutest kids girl twin bedroom furniture sets around. This set includes a 6-piece singer dollhouse kids girl twin bedroom and a dresser to store your clothes. The set is written with high-quality materials and you will love the look and feel. This set includes a five piece bed, making it perfect for night time activities. The decor of the set is updated with stylish walls and floors, giving the set a modern feel. The set also includes a beautiful bell chair for night time activities, making it perfect for any room. It comes with a set of bed, chair, table, and desk. The set is also come with a set of her bedding and a set of brushes. This set is perfect for a singer who wants to be special.